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The gol Command Line Utility

The gol (“Geo-Object Librarian”) command-line utility allows you to build, manage and query feature libraries.


gol <command> <gol-file> [<arguments>] [<options>]



Creates a feature library from OpenStreetMap data.


Verifies the library’s integrity.

copy 0.2

Copies tiles between libraries.


Displays documentation.


Provides basic file statistics.


Imports tiles for a specific area.


Extracts features.

remove 0.2

Removes tiles in a specific area.

retain 0.2

Removes tiles outside a specific area.


Exports tiles.

update 0.3

Updates the library.

vacuum 0.2

Compacts the library.

GeoDesk is in Early Access. Some commands and options are not yet available in Version 0.2.0. This marks the targeted version.

Common Options

-a, --area=<FILE>

Defines the area to which the command should be applied. Currently, only polygon files are supported.

-b, --bbox=<W>,<S>,<E>,<N>

Defines the rectangular area (bounding box) to which the command should be applied. Coordinates are specified in WGS-84 (degrees longitude and latitude) and take the form <west>,<south>,<east>,<north>. Coordinates must not be separated by spaces (otherwise, they would be interpreted as separate arguments).

As an alternative, this option accepts a tile descriptor in the form z/x/y.

-n, --new

Use this option to create an empty .gol file if the specified library does not exist (rather than failing with an error message). Combine this option with --url to specify a tile repository from which the library will be populated.

-q, --quiet

Displays only minimal output. Apart from error messages, only minimal progress updates are written to stderr.

-u, --url=<URL>

Specifies the URL of the remote repository from which tiles are downloaded into the library.

-s, --silent

No output at all is written to stderr, not even error messages. (Whether a command succeeded or failed can only be ascertained via the status code returned by the process).

-v, --verbose

Writes extra information to stderr.