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Creating a Map

The easiest way to visualize features and other geometric objects is to place them on a Map (a Leaflet-based web map). Create one via the map property of a feature or feature set, or directly:


The optional attributes customize the look and behavior of the map and its elements (described below).

Using a Map is easy: add() elements, then save() it as an HTML file and/or show() it in a browser window:

# (.html file extension by default)

my_map = Map()
my_map.add(features("na[amenity=fire_station]"), color="red")
my_map.add(features("n[emergency=fire_hydrant]"), color="orange")

Map Attributes

These attributes apply to the map itself. They can be passed as keyword arguments or accessed as properties of the Map object.

basemapTile server URL for the base map (Default: OpenStreetMap Carto)
attributionAttribution text to display at the bottom of the map (This is required if you publicly display your map, and defaults to “© OpenStreetMap”)
leaflet_versionVersion of the Leaflet to use
leaflet_urlURL from which Leaflet is loaded (By default, Leaflet is loaded from UNPKG)
leaflet_stylesheet_urlURL for a custom CSS file (to customize the appearance of the Leaflet map controls)
min_zoomMinimum zoom level. Default: 0
max_zoomMaximum zoom level: Default: 19

Element Attributes

These attributes apply to individual map elements. They can be passed as keyword arguments or accessed as properties of the Map object (in which case they act as default attributes).

tooltipText (HTML) to display when the user places the mouse cursor over an element. Default: None
linkURL to navigate when the user clicks on an element. Default: None
strokeWhether to draw the element’s stoke. Default: True. Use False if you don’t want borders around polygons or circles.
colorThe stroke color. Default: "blue"
weightStroke width in pixels. Default: 3
opacityStroke opacity. Default: 1.0
lineCapA string that defines shape to be used at the end of the stroke. Default: "round"
lineJoinA string that defines shape to be used at the corners of the stroke. Default: "round"
dashArrayA string that defines the stroke dash pattern. Default: None (solid line)
dashOffsetA string that defines the distance into the dash pattern to start the dash. Default: None
fillWhether to fill the element with color. Default: True. Use False to disable filling polygons or circles
fillColorFill color. Defaults to the value of color
fillOpacityFill opacity. Default: 0.2

(Adapted from Leaflet API Documentation — © 2010 – 2013 Volodymyr Agafonkin. Licensed under BSD-2-Clause)


To open the feature’s website (if it has one):


To display the feature on the official OpenStreetMap website (where you can see more information, such as its revision history):


To edit the feature in iD (the default OpenStreetMap editor):



All are mutable.









Map.add(item, attributes=None)

Creates a map marker for the given item:

  • a geometric object (Coordinate, Box, Feature or Geometry)
  • any object that has an add_to_map(Map) method
  • an iterable that contains any of the above (e.g. a feature set)

Saves the map as an HTML file (If the file name has no extension, .html is used).

Opens a browser window to display the map. If the map hasn’t been explicitly saved to an HTML file, this method creates a temporary file.