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update 0.3

Updates a GOL with changes in OsmChange format.


gol update <gol-file> <change-file> [<options>]
  • GOLs can only be updated if built with option updatable


-F, --force

Ignores replication warnings.

By default, gol update will only apply changes from an .osc file if all of the following are true:

  • create: Feature must not exist.
  • modify: Feature must exist.
  • delete: Feature must exist.

If you specify this option, create will overwrite an existing feature, modify will create a feature if it doesn’t exist, and delete will do nothing if the feature does not exist.

-i, --index

Re-creates the ID indexes to speed up processing.

-q, --quiet

Displays only minimal output. Apart from error messages, only minimal progress updates are written to stderr.

-s, --silent

No output at all is written to stderr, not even error messages. (Whether a command succeeded or failed can only be ascertained via the status code returned by the process).

-v, --verbose

Writes extra information to stderr.